Sunday, 19 March 2017



Živjo! Hello!

On Monday, 13. 3. 2017 the Slovenian mobility has started officially. Our school Media and Graphic technology secondary school hosted around 50 guests from Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Check Republic and Poland.
Today is Monday, and we started the mobility with a welcome event. We started the welcome, conference with our Slovenian national anthem, and after that me and Jernej wished a good morning to our guests and announced our headmistress miss Ana Šterbenc and after her our coordinator, professor Vladimir Janež to say a few words to our guests. We also enjoyed some live music performed by two of our students and after that we got introduced to all the students and teachers and heard a few words about their school.

When the conference was over, we got some time to get some snacks and some tea and coffe. We then showed every individual country our school; we showed them our television studio, printery and animation studio. Everyone was really impressed and really liked out school, which made us all very happy! When the school tour was over, we had lunch and after that we walked to the city centre, all the way to our Ljubljana castle. We then walked up to the castle and got a nice, guided tour around the castle. The tour was really interesting for all of us, even the Slovenian students, because they also showed us some historical figures(actors dressed like old characters), for example, we meet a very luxurious couple that lived and owned the castle at some point in history and also we meet the very first major of Ljubljana. When the tour was over, we also had some time to look around the castle on our own as well and also go to the tower that gave us all a really nice view of Ljubljana.

When that was over, we got a refreshing drink at the bar on the castle and then went either home or to the hotel to freshen up and get ready for the dinner at the restaurant Vodnikov Hram in Ljubljana. Personally, I think the first day was really nice and interesting for everyone, since we all got to see our school, the magnificent Ljubana castle and also meet new people and make new friends even on the first day. The day was documented by 3 Slovenian students and 1 Finnish exchange student(Venla) and a Sweedish exchange student(Selena).

Meeting in Slovenia

The 3rd day of international exchange was spent visiting the beautiful Postojna cave and Predjama castle. The most exciting part was a performance by the medieval reenactment group Order of the Royal Eagle. Following the performance the group visited the Park of Military history in Pivka. Some of the highlights of the day were captured by the photographer Žan Rekič Zupančič.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

7th Day in Portugal

This was our last full day in Portugal and it was dedicated to relaxing and enjoying ourselves. First item on our schedule was shopping. We were taken to a mall and were given 3 hours to freely run around the stores and shop to our harts content. After we finished shopping we were taken to the beach. It was absolutely stunning! The beach was beautiful and even sun began to shine after a full week of rain. We were again given free time to roam around the beach, take photos, etc. Me and Aljaž went to get some coffee at a cafe located on the beach took some pictures and enjoyed the sun.

After a relaxing day came the final dinner, which the Slovenian students left early because we needed to pack our thing due to us leaving at 3.00 AM. We went to sleep at about 2.00 AM when we were sure we didn't forget anything.

Monday, 24 October 2016

6th Day in Portugal

It's already day 6 and today we are going on a trip to Porto. So at 10.00 AM we leave out hotel fully rested and awaiting new adventures. When we arrived our first destination was the World of Discoveries museum. There was a nice greeting at the start then we set out on a guided tour of it but there was a twist, they have a boat ride that takes you around the museum. The tour lasted for about 40 minutes.

When we got out we had free time so we could look around the town and eat lunch. While we were wondering around Porto we found a nice little bar where we ate lunch. While we were sited we debated about what kind of vibe the town has. So then we paid for the meal and went to our meeting point. We met up with other students and teachers. Our teaches had better lunch than us so I envy them a little bit.

Next up was the wine cellar. The presentation and the staff were on point and then the wine tasting commenced (for everyone above 18 ....sadly) but nonetheless we could buy wine to bring home for our families. When we finished things at the wine cellar we went back to the hotel. 

Tonight was the night with the "Expensive" dinner. When I entered the room I was amazed. Several bottles of red & white wine were waiting for us, fish pates inside crab shells, etc. I was stunned when the main course came out... it was like heaven. So our main course consisted of steaks and boiled potatoes and squid tentacles with onions and fries. After everyone finished their meal we started to give out gifts to other schools and to our hosts. At the end, we ate cake with our flags on them. Bottom line it was fancy.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

8th Day in Portugal

Today was the last day we were in Portugal. We woke up really early because we had a plane to catch. The flight was at 6.00 and we flew to Frankfurt for about 2 hours. And the next plane to Ljubljana was at 16.30 so we had to wait for it at the airport. We didn't do much that time - we were sleeping, shopping, eating and playing 'One'. And, at around 6pm, we finally arrived to Ljubljana where our parents were already waiting for us. This was an amazing experience and we would go again to this trip if we could.

Slovenian team got safe to the ground.

See you in Slovenia...

Friday, 21 October 2016

5th Day in Portugal

Day 5

Todays day started a little bit early, because we had to be on the train at 5.40. The train took us to Porto. In Porto we had to wait for the second train, which took us to Regu. From Porto to Regu was 2 hours long ride.  In Regu we had to wait 2 hours and that is why we went to the river museum. We liked the museum mostly because there was a lot of wine. At 12.00 o'clock the boat trip started. On the boat we had: lunch, beautiful view and some sunshine. We rode through two dams. Because the trip was long we talked to the Czech girls and played cards with the professors, Tjaša lost, she was the looser. The trip was long 6 hours. And when it ended we went through Porto to the train station. The train took us back to the hotel, where we went to dinner and to bed. We are ready for new adventures that will come tomorrow, but for now good night.