Friday, 21 October 2016

5th Day in Portugal

Day 5

Todays day started a little bit early, because we had to be on the train at 5.40. The train took us to Porto. In Porto we had to wait for the second train, which took us to Regu. From Porto to Regu was 2 hours long ride.  In Regu we had to wait 2 hours and that is why we went to the river museum. We liked the museum mostly because there was a lot of wine. At 12.00 o'clock the boat trip started. On the boat we had: lunch, beautiful view and some sunshine. We rode through two dams. Because the trip was long we talked to the Czech girls and played cards with the professors, Tjaša lost, she was the looser. The trip was long 6 hours. And when it ended we went through Porto to the train station. The train took us back to the hotel, where we went to dinner and to bed. We are ready for new adventures that will come tomorrow, but for now good night.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

4th Day in Portugal

We started the day with breakfast and then we went to a museum about the iron and the bronze age. The name of the museum was Citânia de Briteiros. It was represented in two parts - one part was inside and the second one was outside. In the interior part of the museum lived a man named Francisco Martins De Gouveia, who  found a city 2km away from his home. And he was the first Portuguese man who did photography. In the outside part we saw the city. Then we went to Sameiro church, which is very big. In front of the church was a big and nice garden with giant statues. We had a lovely view of the city OF Braga.

At Bom Jesus we saw a garden and some statues, again. And we had a beautiful view of Braga, again. Then we went with a water escelator from Bom Jesus to a lower point on the hill. We were very excited because we though we would ride about 10 minutes but the ride was only a minute long. And that is why we waited for the rain for about 30 minutes. And because after the rain there comes always sunshine, we got our sun after lunch. And don't let me start on the lunch. It was so good. We went to Braga. It is a beautiful city with a lot of churches, which are everywhere, historical buildings, nice and interesting streets, parks and stores with mostly clothes. I really liked Braga because it seems like some kind of mixture of Ljubljana and Piran. 

When it got dark we went back to the hotel and to dinner. After a long day we were very tired and we went to bed as soon as possible because tomorrow will be a very long day and we have to get up early, at 4:30.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

3rd Day in Portugal

3rd day in Guimäraes, 18.7.2016
The day started at about 7:30 when we woke up to go to breakfast.
Our bus to Fermentões departured at 9:20 where we took a look at a local school.
 The school system is quite different from ours, and so are the teachers and the students. The teachers are quite more strict during class, but far more relatable and calm during brakes, visits and conversations. The students are quite a bit louder and outgoing than most of my colleagues, and are quite keen on meeting new people helping them and cooperating.

Some Erasmus+ partners (all, but excluding the Czech republic) had presentations, in which they introduced themselves and their previous cooperations with Erasmus. For the most part, the schools had a introduction video made up of photos and occasionally text. Not bragging, but our school had a pretty nice and well executed PowerPoint presentation with a quiz and gifts.

Later, after we were done with the introductions we had lunch at the school,'s cafeteria. .

After lunch we had some time off to relax, or meet new people and get a tour around the school. We visited a couple of classrooms and had a talk with a few teachers. The classrooms aren't too modern, but have a projector and a computer, but the tables and seats are at least a decade old. The teachers enjoy a good conversation and give good tips to students and visitors alike.

Afterwards we had an hour and a half of sports activities, but some chose to sit and socialize with others instead. We had a chance to shoot bows, play football but most sticked to socializing.

Later we went to the hotel where we could write the blog(naturally I didn't) or go to sleep. We had to meet at 8:40 to go to dinner to Fermentões, and it was worth the drive.

We end our day here, tired and we can't wait to go to sleep. The day was awesome and we, as a team learnt a lot.

Monday, 17 October 2016

2nd day of Portugal

Day two, Monday 17.10.2016
History of the town?
Today started at 8 a.m., when we had breakfast. We started our trip at 9 a.m.
The town has a rich history so this was the theme we focused on mostly. First, we stopped at the Monumento ao nicolino statue. Then we went to the city hall, where we got a nice greeting and some gifts. The next thing was exploring the local fortress and a guided tour of a palace. We found out that the palace means a lot to the Portuguese. Their first king was born there... Our tour went thought the whole castle.
We were very hungry after the tour so we went to get lunch. Afterwards the gondola took us on the top of the mountain.

We saw a church and a fogy view of the city. Because we were kind of tired after that we had time to rest, before going to dinner at 8.00 PM. We stayed up late because we had to study for tomorrow's presentation of the school (you'll be able to find it on tomorrow's blog).

Mini park/garden between two roads


A fortress overlooking the city of Guimaraes

Reception at the town hall (*Ljubljana is the Green Capital*) :P

A natural pond on the mountain above Guimaraes
(The fog gave it a mystic feeling)

Sunday, 16 October 2016

1st day of Portugal

So this is the first part of our daily blog .... Our day started a little over 7.00 AM when we started to board our plane to Frankfurt. The flight was an hour and a half long but it came by quickly. So after a short wait we boarded the flight from Frankfurt to Porto, Portugal. After a smooth 2 and a half hour flight we arrived at Porto, got our luggage and we were on our way to Guimarães by bus. After about 30 minutes we arrived at our hotel. 

I was quite impressed that we got a 4 star hotel so I give that a big plus on my end. When we checked in, we were given the afternoon off so we could get some rest after the flights because most of us were up from 3 AM. At about 14.00 PM (GMT +0) we the students set out for lunch with the escort of 2 teachers. We found a pizza place with amazing ambience so we decided to eat there. The meal was quite expensive but if you take into account that there were seven people the price is relatively normal.

After the visit to the pizza place we returned to the hotel and enjoyed our free time with some quality time and music. Then we were informed that other partners from Erasmus began to arrive and we had dinner together at a local restaurant. Not much if any connection were made between us but its our first day and I'm sure that's going to improve. After the finished dinner we yet again returned to our rooms at the hotel which brings us to the conclusion of this day and this post... 

Plans for tonight's evening: 
1. get a nice hot shower 
2. have a little get together with students from our school to get to know each other 
3. get a good nights sleep ... Good night!

Rok Pristavec

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Something About Rok

Hello everyone I'm Rok Pristavec and I come from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I'm currently a student at Multimedia and graphic secondary school Ljubljana and I'm in second grade. My passions are video editing, UI design and motion graphics. My hobbies are cycling and gaming. I also love technology so I'm always on the lookout for new and fun gadgets out on the market. I'm very excited to be going to Portugal! The reason is I don't travel alot so this is going to be a wonderful experience.
Very excited to meet new people from other countries aswell.

Something about Lara

Hey, I am Lara Komac. I am 16. I live near Ljubljana in Slovenia. I am a sophmore. My hobbies are dancing and working out at fitness. Im really excited for going to Portugal because im flaying for the first time and im really excited to meet new people. I can't wait!